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The Habits Unplugged Mastermind Coaching Program is Here!

The Best Place for Moving Onwards and Upwards from Your Alcohol Life

I am so happy and excited to be able to finally bring you the Habits Unplugged Mastermind Coaching Program. This program has been designed not only to help you to quit drinking alcohol, but also to feel the true freedom of a new life without this drug and it's harmful lifestyle. This program has been my goal for a long time, a way of condensing all my experience and learning over the last 5 years. The program combines all the very best elements from the habit busting videos and courses I've created over those five years, the One on One private coaching sessions, and the 'Onwards and Upwards' Facebook group.

Talk With People Who Make You See the World Differently

The Mastermind Group-Coaching

The group forum is set up to encourage your daily participation. The more you participate, the more you'll benefit.

The program balances a mixture of mentorship and relationship building, ensuring you get help, accountability, and support every step of the way.  We focus on first stopping the flow of alcohol, then moving away from the alcohol thinking and lifestyle.

The goals of the group coaching are increasing your knowledge, sharpening your skills, creating objective ideas, establishing your goals, making solid and intelligent decisions, and building those ideas, decisions, and goals into a systematic and meaningful plan.

The Videos

The daily videos are divided into two types of content.

First, there are the training focused videos. These videos are designed to teach you everything you need to know about every aspect of quitting drinking alcohol process and successfully leaving alcohol fully and permanently in your past.

Second, there is the Mastermind Group driven video content. These videos will focus on what you and the group want to see in that moment. They could cover anything from specific coping strategies to the best nutritional meal ideas. It's up to you.

The Q&A Sessions

The Questions and Answer sessions will focus on the top questions of the week. They are designed to clarify specific points, reinforce the core principles, and build your expertise. Again, these sessions will be guided by the courses for that week and what you want to know. I'll put out a call for questions once or twice a week and talk about whatever topics have been hottest within the forums.

Full Program Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive group coaching program.

  • Integrated group coaching environment.
  • Multiple levels depending on where you are in your journey
  • Participation and progress points system.
  • Progress badges.
  • Daily coaching at all levels.
  • Protected environment where you can feel safe in your questions and comments.
  • Fully moderated
  • Effective and exclusive daily training videos.
  • Weekly/bi weekly Q&As.
  • Email support.
  • PDF cheat sheets and to do lists.
  • Guaranteed same price for life.
  • No Contract - Cancel whenever you want
  • Daily mindset reinforcement
  • Access to all past videos and Q&As

How Does the Program Work?

Individual Videos and Courses

The videos come in two formats. Those created with process in mind and those created from what you want to see. Each single video or video course will cover a unique concept which is relevant to you and your new journey.

The exclusive videos and courses will cover many different topics including:


  • The quick guide to getting started
  • The basics of Alcohol Mastery
  • Triggers
  • Cravings
  • Visualisations
  • Positive thinking
  • Relapse prevention
  • Overcoming failure
  • Anger management
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Socializing without alcohol
  • Deprogramming alcohol thinking
  • Reprogramming for YOUR future
  • and much more...

The Mastermind Coaching Forum

The coaching forum is a fully moderated and safe environment to find the solutions to any problems you might be facing, whether it's before you've quit drinking or during the process. It's also the place to come for help with what to do next, how to move your life on to the next level, and find the best possible version of yourself.

The Mastermind Group is where you will find help when you need it. If you have a problem, come to the group and find a prompt solution.

One of the biggest difficulties when quitting drinking is feeling that you are stuck doing this on your own with no-one to turn to. It's very hard to find someone to talk to. The forum offers a fantastic group of like-minded women and men who are more that willing to share your journey with you.

Within the Mastermind Group, I will be there to help you whenever you need it. This is where I am going to be spending the majority of my time, creating exclusive videos and courses, but mostly within the Group itself. You will find me in the thick of things throughout the day, answering questions, offering advice, and doing my very best to get you to 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and beyond..

You also benefit from the the focus and clarity that other people can give you. We are all in the same boat, but sometimes it is difficult for you to change because you are too close to your own problems. One of the principle goals of the group is to keep you on track, reminding you of your purpose and why you are doing this.

We are building a community of like-minded people, all following a similar path, all wanting quick, incisive, and targeted advice on what to do and how to do it. The  Mastermind Group allows you to challenge yourself, to grow and reach your full potential. Again, it's easy to get sidetracked, the Mastermind Group can help you to keep on the right path.

Because the Mastermind Group comprises of many different individuals, each bringing varying skills, you can benefit from various levels of feedback from many different perspectives. This is important in discovering what works for you and what doesn't work for you. It's in this mixture of individual and group support and positive feedback that you can face the difficulties and challenges that would otherwise seem overwhelming.

The Mastermind Group is at the heart of the program, the hub around which everything else revolves. If you need advice on any topic, go to the group. If you want to shape the topics covered in the video tutorials or the content of the Q&As, the group is at your service. If you want support, leverage, and to be held accountable, you’ll find that in spades.

You will also find a non-judgmental attitude within the community. It is very important that you feel safe and secure in the knowledge that anything you say within the group will not be judged and will stay within the confines of the group.

About Kevin O'Hara

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Kevin O'Hara and I started out on my new life on January 2nd, 2012. The first step of that new life was stopping drinking alcohol.

I look back on that day as one of the most defining moments in my life, if not the defining moment. Before I stopped and after is like night and day, sleeping and waking. I was living in a lopsided fantasy world where I saw myself as a 'drinker', a bad-ass drinker. Alcohol and drinking was part of my character and my identity. It was a part of who I was at the core. In this distorted world, the more I drank, the more 'manly' I felt. It was the world of Oliver Reed, Richard Harris, and Peter O'Toole... The Hell Raisers.

My father always urged me not to burn the candle at both ends. He meant it as a caution against reckless waste - waste of time, money, energy, health, and so on. This thought is accentuated by the fact that candles can only be lit at both ends when held horizontally, which causes quick wax loss through dripping and therefore burning out quickly. But that's what I ended up doing with my life. Think about the wasted time of drinking the alcohol at one extreme and the horrible hangovers at the other. Each extreme creating a quick burn of opportunities, hopes, and freedom. Unfortunately, I was just too blind to see.

I always thought of myself as an intelligent person who had a pretty good handle on life. Yet how could an intelligent person make such bad decisions, again and again? How could a so-called intelligent person continue down such an obviously destructive and unhealthy path?

I never thought about the role of alcohol in my culture. I never questioned the practice of pouring the poison in, the irrational and unnatural feeling of being drunk, or the cautionary warning that each hangover provided. The deeper into this habit I allowed myself to be taken, the more my logic and reality was slowly shuffled into the background, day after day, drink after drink.

The truth is I had been slowly losing my grip on myself for many years. My alcohol habit was slowly chipping away at all my core values, those beliefs and attitudes which determine who a person is and what they do, the most treasured standards that form our deepest personal integrity. My life was trapped in a drifting state of apathy. Sometimes I cared, most times I didn't. I always had my quick fix to forget.

Even my memories were being casually consumed.  Sometimes I didn't want to remember, but most times I was not capable of remembering. Often you don't realize that some inestimable things that are missing until it's too late, until after the fact. It was only when I stopped drinking that it dawned on me how many memorable times I had lost into the haze of alcohol. These are the times worth remembering, the celebrations with family and friends, the birthdays, weddings, and other social gatherings that form the backbone of a life well-spent. All lost forever! All I had was a collection random photos as proof that these times ever existed.

My habit was ruining my physical health as the alcohol seeped into every corner of my body. I was destroying my mental health one dead brain cell after another. And I was cashing in on any chance of a contented life in exchange for fleeting moments of instant stupification.

But I could handle all of that. I could find a way to battle my way back.  The worst thing of all was that I had negligently taught my son how to do the exact same thing! I was his primary alcohol tutor from day one. I showed by example what to do in life. I even took him for his first legal pint of beer. That shameful realization was the kick in the teeth that finally woke me up.

My eyes have been wide open for the last 5 years. Over those 5 years I have become truly awake, living my life to the full. I've achieved more, in every area of my life, since I stopped drinking than I'd done in the last 20 years with this pathetic habit. This is 100% the result of making that defining choice to cut off the alcohol flow.

From that moment on, I changed who I was. Day by day I learned the skills and techniques to break down the alcohol habit, to change how I thought about alcohol, and finally to eliminate any trace of alcohol thinking. Once that was done, I was able to peel back more layers. I uncovered other problems and was able to use my new-found experience and knowledge not only to deal with these problems, but to smash through them with much more concrete self-belief and confidence.

These experiences have changed my life in more ways than I could ever have imagined. I wake up every morning feeling contented with my life. I live each day with the knowledge that I am becoming stronger and much more stable. I feel an inner strength that tells me no matter what challenges I might face into the future, I am prepared, I am ready and willing to take charge, and I know I can push onwards and upwards every time.

I do hope you will join me in this exciting new program. I will be spending most of my time involved with this program and I really believe we can make this a place of real change and forwards momentum. I can't wait to get started working with you as we develop your new life completely free of alcohol. To join up for your first month, click the "YES, GIVE ME ACCESS TO THE PROGRAM" button at the bottom. I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Kevin O'Hara
Kevin O'Hara

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