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10 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Changing Your Habits

In today’s video were going to look at 10 things that most people don’t want to hear when they’re trying to change their habits. Most people want to believe that all they have to do is diet for a couple of days, and even then, they are not really dieting… Buy a machine from a late-night TV slot and they have the perfect body for life… Quit smoking by changing over to some other form of nicotine… Or quit drinking because they have read a book… Habit change is not that straightforward. It takes a long time before a habit forms, and it takes you a long time to deform that same habit. Remember, persist until you succeed… Failure cannot cope with persistence!

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    6 replies to "10 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Changing Your Habits"

    • Ralph G

      good video..

    • Gee S

      Substance addictions and afflictions are a part of humanity going back many 1000’s of years, if not many tens of thousands of years of being human. Sometimes people there of at such of there lives need help with overcoming such addictions or afflictions. I appreciate your honesty and helpfulness of sharing with addiction or affliction recovery of those who have such need. You are true and honorable with your goodness of sharing with your videos and recovery program for those who at such time of there lives have such need. It is a common need of amidst humanity sometimes of amidst living, and sometimes there amidst living with addictions and afflictions there amidst also. Your awesome dude. Thanks for sharing.

    • Beth

      Dear Kevin,

      Thank you for your free and informative videos. As a “poor person,” I appreciate them.

      But I am a 62 year old in shape, pretty, well educated (BASc, BJ, CELTA)non materialist, anti consumerist too. And I am proud of it. I own little and I pollute even less. There’s no CO2 emissions spewing out of my bicycle.

      For 30 years I have been subtly denigrated for the way I live. And I am so tired of it particularly when I experience climate change and see plastics in lakes and rivers.

      My net worth will be “zero” when I move on. What bank accounts does Donald Trump leave as his legacy? There will be no karmic creditors tracking me down.

      I am tired of being maligned for not wanting to acquire wealth and possessions. They have always meant nothing to me because I see them as causing major psychological and environmental problems in the world. I am disgusted at the damage consumerism has caused.

      I may be a poor person in the eyes of you and society but I can go to my grave knowing that I made a gallant attempt to protect Mother Earth.


      • Kevin O'Hara

        I agree. There are many types of poverty. The biggest poverty is that of the mind. The biggest wealth is that which you come to through positive education. On the other hand, I do like money… one of the best ways of getting educated is through experience and money can open doors to many experiences that would otherwise be beyond having. That is my use for money…. I’m not into having things but having experiences…

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