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Day 0: The Day Before The Juice Reboot – What I Ate Today!

I’m starting the Juice Reboot tomorrow. This is what I did the day before and what I ate…

Until next time...
Onwards and Upwards!

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    3 replies to "Day 0: The Day Before The Juice Reboot – What I Ate Today!"

    • Scott

      Can’t believe that a video of people eating could be entertaining/informative.
      First look at your partner. Lucky you

    • ronnie

      Hi Kev i v can definitely recommend a ginger shot juice first thing of a morning One apple and about a one inch slice of ginger in your juicer ,got to admit i stopped using my juicer as its ridiculously hard to clean ,i now use a Nutribullet

    • Mick

      Good luck, done some juicing myself in the past, weight drops off at what can only be described a as a rapid rate.

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