The 180 Video Coaching Program

The Preparation Phase - In this initial 15 day program, you'll receive everything you need to ensure a great start to quitting drinking alcohol. Each morning and evening, you'll receive a video and PDF. These will help you understand all the assumptions, expectations, and obstacles you may face. So, when it's time to actually stop drinking, you will know exactly what to expect.

The Adaptation Phase - Over the course of the next 30 days, each morning and evening, you'll receive video and PDF. These will help you adapt to life without alcohol and get you into the practice of drinking and getting used to your life without drinking alcohol.

Consolidation Phase - In this phase, you'll receive both a video and worksheet each morning for 150 days! This will help you turn your attention away from thinking about alcohol and to focus your attention on your future and developing yourself into the best possible version of you. This is one of the best ways to ensure you never go back to drinking alcohol again. You'll be focusing your mind on where you want to go life.

Expansion Phase - This is where we work on individual areas of your life, including procrastination, self-control, anger management, anxiety, and depression. We are developing thirty-day courses to help you achieve your goals and plans and get to that best possible ideal version of you.

Live Video Coaching Sessions

Through live video on the forum, you can see me and ask me whatever questions you have and I'll answer them there and then. Whatever questions you have or topic you need help with… I'm there to help you!

Mastermind Coaching Forums

We have one of the best forums around for quitting drinking alcohol. Everyone is really positive, forward focused, and they are there to encourage and help each other. Our members come from all walks of life. There are people who have been members for 18 months saying, "I haven't had any of the cravings or bad feelings I was expecting!" It's fun! It's positive. It's focused on moving your thinking away from alcohol and towards the best version of  yourself. We also have a forum dedicated to maintaining your new found lifestyle into the future.


This is where you submit your questions and I record the answers while out walking. Again, this is really positive. It's designed to encourage you and help you stay committed. Here we figure out your problems, big or small. We've also got a large library of past Q&A's that you can access along with our video library.