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"...Lots of very nice supportive people to interact with..."

The Mastermind Coaching is great. Kevin is very interactive and it’s much more personal than watching the videos on YouTube (although those are brilliant too) as you can ask any questions and definitely get an answer in the form of a video or a message reply. The group is lovely too lots of very nice supportive people to interact with. I would also like to add how helpful the weekly Q&A’s are plus the daily videos. So informative.
I literally can’t wait for them each time 🙂

If you haven’t actually stopped drinking yet this is a great resource for getting started and if you have then it’s perfect for keeping your momentum going and sharing ideas. It’s not just about alcohol, the ideas can be applied to all habits, so we talk about much more than drink.

Couldn’t ask for anything more from it so glad I signed up.


"Helped me stay off the booze where no other program has."

The Mastermind Coaching Program has given me a new lease on life. What I love about it is it's a no nonsense approach to giving up anything. Alcohol being my main forte of destruction.

Kevin, who has humbly used his own experience has put himself out there to help thousands through Alcohol Mastery and now with his new program, I have to say it has helped me stay off the booze where no other program has.

I love how its not AA based which does not suit everyone. The videos are an amazing tool to keep on track - motivating and inspirational. I find the people in the forum are very friendly and non-judgemental.

So glad I joined.


"...I feel like I'm back to where I wanna be now."

Yes, thumbs up from me!

I mentioned before about the help the daily videos gave me before. I never realised it at the time but at the end of the 365 challenge I started slipping up and having the odd boozing session, I feel like I'm back to where I wanna be now.

27 days off the booze and very, very little temptation to go back on it. It's great being able to interact with you and ask questions and get a speedy reply definitely worth the money.


"I just love it and you have changed my world! Thank you."

I genuinely could not have managed without you and Alcohol Mastery and just love this group and the format which is easy to navigate. I'm really excited and very fortunate to be part of it and to grow with it, with us all.

The members are wonderful and I feel very much at home - did do instantly. I've done a lot of research but nothing compares to your message - your approach and your delivery. I just love it and you have changed my world! Thank you.



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