What Are The benefits of bad habits?
If you want to eliminate any bad habit, look at the benefits of that habit…
We looked at the benefits of drinking alcohol as example over on alcohol mastery…
What are the benefits of smoking?
Don’t hide from them
Want to know why you are doing…
If you understand your motivations, you can find alternatives…
Just because we do something in a certain way, doesn’t mean there isn’t a much better, healthier way of doing it… Usually takes a bit more effort though…

    4 replies to "The Benefits of Bad Habits"

    • Ian Williamson

      Very – very – very – difficult – this one – Last time tried to quit – After 2 days – missed the the nicotine so much – gave up – giving up – and in the same frame of mind – gave up – giving up drink – Only one days drink – That was 3 months ago – And – been dry 3 months this Sunday – and – cutting down – on the cigs by having a walk everyday – and not drinking – And am very pleased with myself – thanks !

    • Gail

      Thank you very much for this video minion smoking that is my really bad habit I recently quit drinking 3 weeks ago. I can’t seem to find anything positive about it at all. And I know I really need to quit. I’m 63 for darn sakes!

    • Ky L-gan

      i smoke, tho am half way thru quitting alot of old habits, and each month something more is being quit and replaced with good habits.
      The benefits of smoking, is ;pass the time, relaxation, to socialise and to think and feel.
      some other ways of passing time, could be swimming, natural thermal pools, walking, reading, working,
      some other ways of relaxation, is sleeping, sunbathing, meditation, writing,
      some other ways to socialise would be….. music band, music practise
      some other ways to think and feel could be, join a forum, record myself thinking, journaling, law of attraction, family, pet walking.

    • Susan Omera

      Hi Kevin,
      I am a 70 year old lady living on the Gold Coast in Australia. I am happily married, have two lovely daughters and son in laws and four darling grand children – 2,3,4,and 5 years. I have a great life but have got into a bad habit of having a wine or two or three, or more, every evening around 5pm. I really enjoy relaxing at this time with a drink and some nibbles. Problem is invariably I have finished the whole bottle by the time dinner comes up. Don’t drink at any other time and I can stop if I want to but it has to be all or nothing. This is why I am looking at your programme as I have tried to drink in moderation and it just doesn’t work after a week or two!!!!

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